Scrambler™ RT 20 OutDry™ Backpack


The Mountain Hardwear Scrambler RT 20 OutDry backpack is a waterproof daypack that’s perfect for day hiking, commuting and bike riding, it even makes a good gym bag for the climbing wall. Featuring a stripped down, minimalist design, the Scrambler RT 20 OutDry has two low-profile, easy-to-reach side pockets for flasks, climbing shoes and other essentials, while the trekking pole attachment is great for varied hikes. The ideal day pack for all your low-impact activities.

  • Rainroom tested for 24 hours, the OutDry™ construction of the main compartment is guaranteed waterproof
  • Easy-to-reach side pockets
  • Trekking pole loops
  • Roll-top design creates convenient carry handle

Weight: 389 g

Originally developed for gloves, Mountain Hardwear’s OutDry membrane is a lightweight, breathable waterproofing system, which stops the outer layer of your gear getting waterlogged. The membrane (which is full of tiny micropores that are too small to absorb water but just big enough to let water vapour from your sweat out) is bonded directly to the outer layer of the fabric instead of floating independently of it. This makes the fabric more compact and lightweight, leaving less space for water to make its way in and waterlog the outer layer of the fabric.