Thermocore Mat

€91,50 €122,00
By Vango

Vango's Thermocore sleeping mat is one of the most technical and advanced sleeping mats in their range. Featuring hollow fibre insulation throughout to ensure warmth during the night and a 3-dimensional construction meaning you'll have a more comfortable night's sleep.

  • Silent Sleep - Quiet fabric for a crinkle free night
  • Diamond Ripstop Fabric - Applied to the top and bottom for a lightweight, durable finish
  • Vertical Walls - The Mattress is three-dimensionally constructed with vertical walls so all of the upper surface is usable. This provides a larger surface area, resulting in a comfortable sleep
  • Single Hole Siliconised Hollow Fibre Core - Adds warmth by insulating the body from the ground while retaining compressibility
  • Flush Fit TPU Airlock Valve - Quick inflation/deflation with secure lock system when not in use
  • Typhoon Valve - High flowrate with no return which is also suitable for Vango pumps

Weight: 0.74kg
Packsize: 29.0 x ø11.0cm
Height: 6.5cm
Length: 185.0cm
Width: 55.0cm
Sleep Mat Warmth Value: 5