Rossignol EXP3 Rail Narrow Snowboard + Reply Rail S|M Bindings


The EXP3 Rail is a softer version of the EXP7 Rail in which the Basalt and Aramid fiber reinforcement were swapped with RadCut, AmpTek Elite rocker with AmpTek AutoTurn and Serrated Edges 7S with 3S to maintain premium performance for riders who are less demanding.

Effortless Mobility and Float
AmpTek Auto-Turn Rocker provides incredible maneuverability, catch-free feel and instant float
Confident Edge Control
3S Serrated Egdes increase stability and edge hold with a very smooth feel
Balanced Maneuverability and Grip
RadCut turn technology allows playful ease-of-use at slower speeds and full-length edge grip at higher speeds
Lively Pop, Easy Control
Twin Freestyle flex enhances pop and balance for easy freestyle control
Condifence-boosting Freestyle Progression
Moderate-Soft symmetrical flex delivers pop, balance and playful performance
100% of Rossignol's wood snowboard cores originate from sustainably harvested forests

Insert setback: Centered - Centered - Centered - Centered - Centered
Base details: 3204 (130), 3337 (135), 3459 (140), 3585 (145), 3712 (150)
Flex rate: Flex 4/10
Waist: 24cm - 24cm - 24cm - 24cm - 24cm
Radius: 4/4.1m - 4.2/4.5m - 4.9/5m - 5.4/5.6m - 5.9/6.1m
Stance width min/max: 45 to 49cm - 46 to 50cm - 47 to 51cm - 48 to 52cm - 50 to 54cm

Amptek auto turn rocker, abs, flex 4, radcut, glass fiber, wood (3510 + 4515 + 5620 + 6420), twin freestyle, serrated edges 3s